Lights Off

Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games reach out to Save the Company


It’s been a few days since the reported news on the layoffs at Gas Powered Games. The sad news just came a day after the Kickstarter launch for Wildman. The project is 6 days in, and currently 26% funded. It’s entirely possible that if this game gets funded in the time allotted, it could very well save the company from complete closure. That is of course, if we help. The bare minimum to invest in the future of Gas Powered Games and ownership of Wildman is just $20.

“The outpouring of support this past few days has been unlike anything I could have imagined. I can’t thank everyone enough, and can only hope that one day I will return the favor to each and every person who reached out to help,” said Chris Taylor, CEO and Founder of Gas Power Games.

It’s amazing that Kickstarter which is used to launch ideas and projects into reality without publishers, and crowd-funding is now being used as a lifeboat for this historic development studio. I truly hope you can do your part and help out a great developer who deeply cares about the games they make, and the people that buy them.