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Pre-Order 11 bit studios’ Latest, Unannounced Game for 50% Off

11 bit Studios is going off the rails by allowing you to pre-order their upcoming game, which is as of yet unannounced. There are no details as to what genre it is, what it will offer, what you do, or anything other than: it is a game. If you buy it now, you’ll save 50% off and gain access to some bonuses along the way. It’s a secret, for now. Once revealed, the pre-order savings go away, as do the bonuses.

For all the details, go to this page:



By pre-ordering during the secret phase, gamers get:

  • The next big game from 11 bit studios 50% off, with a Steam key delivered upon release in Q2 2013.
  • Access to the Steam multiplayer beta, currently scheduled for late March.
  • A special gaming gift on launch day. What is it? Also a secret.

In addition to the teaser video, 11 bit has released the first in a series of video blogs detailing behind-the-scenes efforts in the final months of development. They’ve promised to take off the “marketing BS” hats that are so commonly worn these days and just offer real talk about the challenges and triumphs of developing high-profile indie games. Check that out here.