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FORGE gets updated to 1.04 with Group Matchmaking and over 30 New Abilities

Dark Vale Games, an independent video game developer based in Southern California, has released a major update  to the Company’s popular multiplayer PC game FORGE, this week, adding several core features as well as addressing some of the feedback received from game reviewers and the game’s fervent player community.

The FORGE 1.04 update, which released this week improves on the new player experience and streamlines the process for finding and joining matches and friends.  Players may now learn and improve their skills versus A.I. bots in the Training Zone and enjoy server browser and lobby systems to find their way into games.  In addition, the Ability Focus System has been updated with 30 new abilities providing more depth and strategy to the fast-paced combat.

Dark Vale Games has committed itself to greatly expanding the functionality and playability of FORGE with an aggressive schedule of new features and improvements.  The company has provided a sneak peek at a host of new features coming soon to FORGE that will begin appearing in the studio’s 1.05 and 1.06 updates, currently planned for release in March and April.

Among the more exciting upcoming features for FORGE are: two entirely new classes — The Ravager, a powerful and highly mobile melee character who can travel quickly with the use of a grappling hook.  And, the Tinker, who can control combat, other players and the surrounding area with a wide variety of unique gadgets; an entirely new armor system allowing players to completely customize their characters piece by piece as well as new “Divine” armor sets for high level players; two new multiplayer maps – The Den of Fenric and Arenas; more than 60 new class abilities that can be unlocked via the Ability Focus System; and, a host of UI improvements as well as a completely overhauled tutorial, which will provide a more directed and rewarding experience for new players of FORGE.

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FORGE will be featured in the Midweek Madness Sale on Valve’s Steam service Tuesday, February 26 through Thursday, February 28 for $6.80 — a 66% discount off its normal retail price —