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Cities in Motion 2 is Out Today


Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and qualifier for a frequent rider discount, today released Cities in Motion 2, the transit simulation and design game for PC and Mac from Colossal Order Ltd. Cities in Motion 2, which is available today at digital retailers worldwide, will challenge players with the task of designing, building, and maintaining an efficient and affordable mass transit network for a variety of growing, dynamic cities. A new launch trailer has also been released, offering a glimpse at new features in the sequel such as vivid day/night cycles, new vehicles and transit hubs, and more.

Don’t miss the train, watch the launch trailer for Cities in Motion 2 here:


A live stream will be held for players to see Cities in Motion 2 in motion. Members of the Paradox team together with the game’s producer (and Colossal Order Ltd CEO) Mariina Hallikainen will be showing off their efficiency and dedication to public service tomorrow, April 3, at 7 p.m. GMT / 11 a.m. PDT. The stream will include walkthroughs of the games unique aspects and answer questions from the community. Aspiring bus drivers and ferry captains may tune in to the official Paradox Interactive channel on Twitch TV at

Colossal Order Ltd, the developers of Cities in Motion 2, have been working closely with their fans to ensure the sequel contains a wealth of player-requested features. Several improvements, including dynamic cities, a robust timetable system, and a city map editor, are all additions made in direct response to player suggestions and requests. With more direct changes to in-game cities occurring as a result of player actions, Cities in Motion 2 is the game that both Paradox and their fans want it to be. Players can purchase the game now for $19.99, for both PC and Mac.