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Ms. Splosion Man splodes onto Steam, G4WL, and WP7

Though tragic, the destruction wrought by the escaped sentient plasma known only as Ms. Splosion Man looked to be contained to the lands of XBLA.  Big Science picked up the pieces, and that which was once sploded has been rebuilt.  Dangers that should never have been forgotten have faded into memory.  But today, Twisted Pixel Games announces terrifying news.  Ms. Splosion Man survives, and her outbreak will spread further than even the most dire forecasts had predicted, with a splode radius large enough to reach Steam, Games for Windows LIVE, and Windows Phone, once thought a safe haven against this agent of devastation.

Reports are trickling in from several sectors, hinting at mutations Ms. Splosion Man has undergone while travelling between the different platforms.


Each version of the game has been optimized for each respective device’s performance.  The Steam and G4WL versions, available now for $9.99, feature a separate Multiplayer campaign, giving players 50 additional levels to play and a new ending to unlock with up to three friends in both online and offline co-op.  The Windows Phone 7 version, available for $2.99, features all new touch controls designed to make pocket sploding as fun as ever.

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch version was released last week on the App Store for $2.99.