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ChimneySwift11 Goes Live Action via Kickstarter


ChimneySwift11, known for his YouTube channel of over one million subscribers, is producing a new, action-packed Web Series titled SWIFT. To make this series a reality, “Chim” has launched a Kickstarter to not only fund the project, but to also crowdsource ideas and opportunities to help make this the best series it can possibly be. Partnering with Clinton Jones (aka Pwnisher) and Shawn Wallace fresh off a hugely successful collaboration with Toby TurnerSWIFT is guaranteed to deliver a Hollywood-like experience for the YouTube audience.

After sharing his first outing into live action video, WWII: Power Glove, ‘Chim’ has decided to pursue live action video production as a new creative venture. In the vein of a more whimsical James Bond, his upcoming series SWIFT is the story of an Operative named Jack Swift who comes from a long line of secret agents. His life comes is threatened when his superior officer dies by an mysterious weapon of mass destruction stolen from his agency. This production aspires to be a work of true passion, focusing on delivering high-end production value with a well-constructed, deep narrative.

“Shooting Power Glove was a blast, and it was an honor to work with such talented people, making the best of what little we had to work with,” said ChimneySwift11, “I know with greater resources, even more talented people and our collective passion, we can make a series that exceeds anything I’ve ever done before.”

The Kickstarter page will continue to grow, announce stretch goals, new rewards and more: