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Devolver Digital and Zilla Enterprises Announce Blade Analyzer Pro

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Independent video game label Devolver Digital and global conglomerate Zilla Enterprises have announced a strategic partnership to bring sword collection software Blade Analyzer Pro to a worldwide audience via the Steam digital distribution service.

Originally developed for private use by Zilla Enterprises founder and renowned sword collector Orochi Zilla, Blade Analyzer Pro uses your PC’s camera to scan any sword or knife in your collection and cross-reference it with a robust database of blades to analyze and identify any item in your collection. Users can then organize their collection by sword type, period of use, price, and rarity to create a customized online catalog to share with other sword collectors around the world.

“The curators of my private collection have used a form of this software for several years in an effort to help me throughly catalog and complete my collection,” said Orochi Zilla, founder and chairman of Zilla Enterprises. “It’s my personal hope that the widespread use this more consumer-friendly version of the software will help me find and acquire some of the more rare blades that have eluded me over the years.”

The first private beta of Blade Analyzer Pro is currently underway with some of the world’s top private sword collectors and historical museums. The final release version of Blade Analyzer Pro is set to launch Fall 2013 on PC and is currently up on Steam Greenlight for review and discussion.

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