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Europa Universalis IV Demo out now, 5 days before release

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today released a demo on Steam for their upcoming empire-building game, Europa Universalis IV, to allow players to take their first steps on the journey towards global domination.

Europa Universalis IV, a game that lets you rule your nation with unparalleled freedom in the age of exploration, can now be sampled for free, tasting just a bit of power before the full game is released on August 13.

Paradox also announced that the battle for conquest will take shape exactly as players desire, thanks to support for Steam Workshop for game modifications, and cross-platform multiplayer which will allow rulers to clash with the rivals of their choice across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Both Workshop support and cross-platform play will be included at launch.

Discover what conquest feels like by checking out the Europa Universalis IV demo here (Windows only, English only):

In the demo version of Europa Universalis IV, players can take up the flag of one of four available nations, sampling the trade system as Venice, going to war as the Ottoman Empire, founding new colonies as Portugal, or engaging in shrewd diplomacy as Austria. Demo games will last for 28 in-game years and include an extensive tutorial and hint system. The demo will not include multiplayer capabilities,  and please note that the abilities to save & load have been disabled.