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Dungeonland gets a new Free-to-Play Version for would-be adventurers

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games you must be this tall to play, today announced a new “Free Admission Edition” of Dungeonland, the co-op action game where eager heroes are lured into a theme park to their horrible and hilarious deaths. Available today, the Free Admission Edition will allow naïve players everywhere to experience a sample of Dungeonland’s cruelty and die to their hearts’ content in the park’s free areas with up to three players – plus a fourth player as the park’s devious and handsome Dungeon Maestro. The visitors to the amusement park will as of today also be able to earn Steam Trading Cards, to send home to grievi… uh, grateful family members.

“When my minions originally suggested free admission to my glorious park, I initially planned to have them set on fire for a few days,” said the Dungeon Maestro, Vice President of Accounts Slayable at Paradox Interactive. “But then, in my genius, I realized I had nothing to worry about. These moronic heroes are all going to get themselves killed in here, at which point we’re just going to loot their corpses! The more, the merrier, I say! Ha! Ha ha ha!”

Dungeonland is a cooperative action game that sends three players to a theme park just for heroic adventurers, surviving relentless hordes of friendly staff and stealing loot from all of the gift shops. In the new Free Admission Edition, Dungeonland’s colorful “DM Tower” stage will be available to all players free of charge, in both normal play and in DM Mode – where one player commands the park and its inhabitants against three “friends” they would like to slaughter. Three additional stages, the “Cannibal Kingdom,” “Arcane Kingdom,” and “Infinite Dungeon,” will be available by purchasing the in-game “All-access Pass.” Current owners of Dungeonlandwill be upgraded to the All-access pass for free, and all existing gift copies of Dungeonland will include the pass as well.