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AVerMedia unveils the ExtremeCap U3 that records uncompressed 1080p at 60fps

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, today announces the ExtremeCap U3, an USB 3.0 capture box for HD video producers to capture, record and stream 1080p 60fps video via HDMI or component inputs. This capture card works perfectly with popular video software and comes with plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Sony Vegas, which allows users to edit uncompressed video with the software they are used to. What’s better, the USB 3.0 Diagnosis Tool is bundled to ensure the compatibility and performance of the USB 3.0 connection.


USB 3.0 for Uncompressed 1080p 60fps Video

Equipped with the advanced USB 3.0 technology, ExtremeCap U3 is capable of transmitting uncompressed 1080p 60fps raw video, sacrificing neither quality nor speed, which makes a difference especially for those fast-moving scenes, FPS or sport games. It preserves more details and twice the amount of frames for video editing, compared with 1080p 30fps. Moreover, AVerMedia’s advanced USB 3.0 video capture technology guarantees the synchronization of video between source and display. Users can play straightly on the preview window of video software, no need for another monitor and no need to worry about the latency.

Record, Edit and Stream with Popular Video Software


ExtremeCap U3 works with DirectShowTM software that enables users to utilize the software they love. With the included Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Sony Vegas plug-ins, users can edit the HD footage straightly without moving HD projects back and forth; other video software, such as VLC media player and Potplayer, are also supported. For those who want to stream their footage, ExtremeCap U3 allows them to utilize XSplit, Wirecast and OBS, no need to waste time on learning new software. On top of that, the bundled software, RECentral, provides intuitive and customizable settings for recording and streaming video up to 1080p 60fps. It also provides quick accessibility to popular streaming platforms like TwitchTV, Justin.TV and Ustream. ExtremeCap U3 makes record, edit and stream 1080p 60fps video easier than ever!


Impressive USB 3.0 Compatibility

AVerMedia presented an USB 3.0 Diagnosis Tool along with ExtremeCap U3. It is software for testing whether the performance of connected USB 3.0 port is capable of transmitting 1080p 60fps video content. The tool provides an option to adjust the video frame rate while the bandwidth of the connection is insufficient. The compatibility of USB 3.0 is no longer a concern for ExtremeCap U3.

Even better, ExtremeCap U3 is backward compatible with USB 2.0.