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Horizon, a new 4X Space Strategy game is available on Steam

Renowned for its string of successful 4X games, including the award-winning Endless Space, veteran indie publisher Iceberg Interactive revealed today that its 4X space-strategy game Horizon is available now on Steam and for European retail. Developed by newcomer Canadian studio, L3O Interactive, Horizon is all about galactic exploration and conquest whereby players control Humanity’s destiny.

L3O Interactive’s deep 4X strategy game stands out from the crowd with a unique storyline based on mankind’s expansion beyond its own solar system, and immediate confrontation with two powerful and ancient races, bent on shaping the future. With a strong community connection, L3O Interactive also has shaped Horizon to its fans’ liking, highlighted by the introduction of playable Alien Races, as well as a string of in-game random events voted on by the community.

“We could not be happier with the way Horizon has turned out, and we are excited to start 2014 with another compelling 4X space strategy game for our loyal but demanding fans,” said Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder. “The L3O Interactive team has been diligent about listening to the Horizon community and implementing changes and upgrades to the game that they have requested, and we look forward to seeing what players think about the finished product.”

Offering immense customization options including races, ships, and space stations; real-time management of multiple tech research branches and simultaneous turn-based battles, and two distinct play modes, Horizon is a fresh take on the rich 4X genre.

Gamers will venture into deep space, expand into new frontiers and discover alien artifacts on long-abandoned planets, while negotiating, fighting in deep ship-to-ship combat or partnering with alien species, as they carve their intergalactic destinies. They will develop new colonies – and then watch them become galactic centers for trade, industry and science – as well as military bases, outposts and shipyards on their way to conquer new horizons.

Horizon Features Include:

  • A deep, accessible 4X space-strategy game that delivers advanced turn-based tactical combat, rich customization, and a vast set of galaxies to explore
  • Huge, gripping storyline provides players a chance to interact with 10 alien races and explore ancient cultures, artifacts, and galaxies while engaging in open-ended missions. Gamers can engage in meaningful diplomacy choices that will impact the game outcome, including coordinated actions with allies against enemies
  • Distinct open-world system spans multiple galaxies with hundreds of star systems and more than 1,000 planets
  • Two Gameplay Modes: Scenario Mode – offers a story experience focused on the clash of two ancient races, and Classic Mode – the familiar open-ended sandbox experience 4X gamers have grown to love
  • Up to 80 tech types with 10 upgrades each, gamers can customize ships, weapons, and combat systems
  • Tactical ship control includes managing movement, weapons, and more, as well as attacks from planetary and orbital defenses and boarding enemy ships
  • Design and customize three major areas of your ships: 1. Weapons, 2. Core Systems (armor, sensors, engines, power, generator, etc.), 3. Special Systems (colonizer pods, shields, fighter bays, etc.)
  • Detailed economy and colony management system that offers different types of colonies based on player build choices

Check out Horizon today on Steam ( for $26.99 (includes current 10% launch discount).