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Horizon’s third update, allows for modding


Developer L3O Interactive and publisher Iceberg Interactive announced today the third post-launch update for the 4X space strategy title Horizon (PC), released earlier in 2014. The update provides full support for modders to create quests, while offering a new command points system, a configurable governor as well as several other significant features and updates.

Key Features of the Third Update:

  • Full mod support for mod creators, including the ability to create quests via XML script, documentation, and many samples available on Horizon wiki/forums
  • Built-in game support to enable/disable mods and a sample mod which enables playing the three ancient races in the game on top of the original 8 races
  • Eight more random events
  • A new Command Points System (game option) that limits number of ships per empire based on their logistical capability
  • A configurable Governor system to manage the development of planets (automation) for late stages of a game
  • A convenient UI for mass refitting ships and Star Bases to a new design quickly
  • Many optimizations for super-fast turns late game, on very large galaxies
  • Many other improvements to various parts of the game including the AI and many more minor features as requested by players

“Over the past few months we have assessed aspects of the game that could still be improved and have listened to community wishes,” said L3O Interactive’s Raffi Parsekhian. “With this third free update we feel Horizon has come to full fruition, concluding the game’s development cycle.”

The third update coincides with Horizon participating in this week’s week-long Sale on Steam, where the game is available at a whopping 66% off.

Read the full changelog for the update here.