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Assetto Corsa expands across International waters with Corvette license


KUNOS Simulazioni details how the Corvette came to be:

“As you have probably noticed, since the beginning Assetto Corsa was primarily centered on European content. There are several contributing factors as to why this is, first of which is location of Kunos Simulazioni R&D; having been working on this project in the past four years with limited resources and budget it was easier for our development team to access the cars and tracks found near the studio.

Despite the current European focus of Assetto Corsa we are suprised to see that a big part of early access sales has come from the U.S.A. Thank you so much for your support! Well, we have decided to thank all the American people (and all of our patrons) for the great support they have shown our game with a new exciting license addition: Assetto Corsa welcomes the Corvette! The new amazing C7 Stingray 2014 will be added to Assetto Corsa as a free content, and the incredible and beautiful Corvette C.7 race car will be part of the Dream Pack that will include ten cars and the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife! We will keep you updated with the work in progress on these new exciting car models: ciao America!”