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Nkidu Games to publish Whole Hog Games’ Full Bore this Spring


Nkidu Games is happy as a pig in a blanket to announce that it will be publishing Whole Hog Games’ boaring platform-puzzling masterpiece, Full Bore, on Steam this Spring. The Steam release will include both Part 1 and 2 of the game.

Full Bore’s beautiful 2D art and lighting, free-roaming puzzle platforming, exceptional music and oh-so-adorable protagonist(s) really stood out to us. It was a Kickstarter success story for the three-person team at Whole Hog, and they released Part 1 – The First Dig – in 2013. It attracted a good audience thanks to being part of the Not on Steam sale and the team’s tireless efforts showcasing the game wherever they could. Now we’re really excited to help Whole Hog bring the game to Steam players.