May 02, 2014

Full Bore trailer gives you 5 Reasons to Dig the Pig, out on Steam May 6th

[responsive_youtube vu49gs5etdo]

Pretend you’re a pig
Who just loves to dig.
Better yet, a boar
Who’d like nothing more
Than to frolic all day
With butterflies, but nay…
When you think all is fine,
You fall down a mine.

You’re lost, underground.
You daren’t make a sound.
You can feel someone’s eyes
Down there in the mines.
There’s much to discover
And gems to recover.
You must find your way out;
Of that, there’s no doubt.

On May 6 you can play
A game I would say
Is well worth your time;
It looks quite sublime.
A puzzle adventure
With an ungulate avenger.
On May 6, do a jig
And dig, pig, dig.