Lights Off’s Luck of the Irish sale let’s you build your own bundle


Feeling lucky? wants gamers to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with their Luck of the Irish sale: over 40 games will be deeply discounted for an entire week, starting this Friday, March 13 at 11.00 AM GMT. 

Those looking to test their good fortune should try Pots of Gold to get a game randomly selected by’s server leprechauns for only $2, alternatively gamers can pick a set of 5 games themselves. The lineup includes celebrated titles like Expeditions: ConquistadorDust: An Elysian Tail,SpelunkyFEZ, and Hotline Miami.

Big Games Weekend Promo, starting concurrently, carries a lot of weight as well, with games like Amnesia: Machine for PigsThe Banner SagaDivinity: Dragon CommanderOutlast, and Aarklash: Legacy available for up to 75% off. The offer lasts until Tuesday, March 18 10:59 AM GMT.