Apr 21, 2014

Rising Storm now upgraded with New Content as “Game of the Year Edition”

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Today, Tripwire Interactive and Anti Matter Games are pleased to announce the release of the Rising Storm “Game of the Year Edition.” Already awarded “Multiplayer Game of the Year” by PC Gamer for 2013, the Game of the Year Edition is bursting with new content for both Rising Storm and Red Orchestra 2 (Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer is included in Rising Storm). Transports for the German and Russian factions, a new Tripwire map (Maggot Hill), 3 community maps now official and the new Search & Destroy gameplay mode, with 10 maps configured for it. That is a full 17 maps either new or with additional gameplay!  We’d like to give a special thanks to the vehicle mod team whose work inspired and helped us implement transports into the update.

To celebrate the new Game of the Year Edition we’ve put together an action packed new trailer for the game (, so be sure to check that out as well and share it with your friends!

New “Game of the Year Edition” Features:

  • New map and new playable character set/faction for the game – Maggot Hill, featuring Merrill’s Marauders. Merrill’s Marauders, made up of a series of light infantry assault units was ordered to take up position at Nhpum Ga (known to the Marauders as “Maggot Hill”) and hold it against attacking Japanese forces in April of 1944. Ill equipped for this holding action, the Marauders were put under siege and often time surrounded by the Japanese.
  • New transports for Russian and German factions:
    • 3 reconfigured maps for transport scenarios (Barashka, Arad 2, Rakowice)
    • Universal Carrier (Russian)
    • SdKfz-251 half-track (German)
  • New Search & Destroy gameplay mode – a single life game-type in which teams take turns attempting to destroy one of multiple objectives by planting an explosive. A full set of 10 maps configured for this new game mode.
  • 3 new community maps now official:
    • Phosphate Plant (Rising Storm)
    • Otori Shima (Rising Storm)
    • Myshkovka River (Red Orchestra 2)

The Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition is available NOW on Steam ( as well as many other digital outlets. Rising Storm will be on sale later this week on Steam, as well as available to play for free at the same time. Watch for the launch of this offer – and another special one – on Steam!