May 09, 2014

Tropico 5 will allow you to Play Together or Dominate Separately

[responsive_youtube 8szb0S1hUbQ]

Tropico is the land of opportunity: a blank slate where any political ideal or mad inspiration can be made possible. The debut of multiplayer in Tropico 5 means you can finally inflict all these ideas upon your friends – whatever they may be! Will you forge a socialist utopia built on the love and support of your fellow friends? Or stamp out your cohorts one-by-one and rise above the ashes of the competition to rule as the only Presidente of Tropico? There’s a brand new Multiplayer trailer for Tropico 5 available to view now, so get watching and start plotting how you will achieve democratic harmony or island domination.

Developer Haemimont Games will also be live streaming the game next week via Join us onThursday 15th of May at 19:00GMT/20:00CET for a full Tropico 5 gameplay demo – just make sure you show your undying love for El Presidente and ask plenty of questions! Tune in

Tropico 5 will be available for PC globally on May 23 (US retail June 3). Xbox 360® and Mac will be available this summer – with a version for the PlayStation®4 platform following in autumn.