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Space Run constructs some New Screenshots


Space Run is an addictive indie title for PC that mixes strategy, real time space ship construction and “tower defense” genre mechanics, with numerous twists and hyper dynamic gameplay. Today’s screenshots demonstrate an example of space ship construction and evolution of a space ship during a single mission.

At the start of the many missions Space Run has to offer, you are given command of an empty ship of varied size and shape, to transport the shipment you have been entrusted with. After taking off from the space station – don’t forget to load the cargo! – you will have to quickly react to whatever threat your radar picks up (pirate fighters and cruisers, asteroids of all sizes, or other Space Runners), by building new modules and weapons on the fly to be able to counter these upcoming threats… and ultimately to keep your ship in one piece!

These modules come in varied flavors: deadly weaponry such as laser canons and missile batteries, protection shields of various sizes and functions, anti-missile defense systems, ion canons, thrusters, energy reactors to feed the adjacent modules with energy, etc. Each of these modules offers, in addition to their main function, secondary “skills” that you can manually activate to get out of tricky situations. For example, some weapons have destructive secondary fire modes, and some can be re-oriented on-the-fly; other modules such as the fusion reactor can repair adjacent modules if they are damaged. Each of the 18 constructible modules offers two unique skills (a total of 36), offering nearly limitless combinations and tactics!

Your ship will never look like someone else’s… but did you build it strong and fast enough to safely carry your cargo to destination?