May 29, 2014

Broforce updates to include Broniversal Soldier and Time Bro among other fixes and improvements

[responsive_youtube PQlmZaOCwrM]

Free Lives’ retro side scrolling shooter and irreplaceable cultural portrait of American patriotism, Broforce, has been updated on Steam Early Access. Two new bros, a new mechanized terror unit and a smattering of gameplay updates based on authentic BroFan™ feedback are now available ( 

Time Bro, a Bro who has the power to slow down time and inflict definitive carnage against enemies with his beretta, and Broniversal Soldier, who can bring fallen bros and dead enemies back to fight alongside you because Freedom® never dies, are now playable. Players will also encounter a new mechanized enemy unit who wreak massive mech destruction because mechs are awesome killing machines but must be stopped at all costs in the name of freedom, justice and the American way. Oh, and when you stop it you can get inside and f*ck shit up.

Additionally, based on the fan feedback in Early Access, changes to Indianna Brones, the Mammoth Kopter boss and more have been made because Democracy. The full list of updates is available on the game’s Steam forum.