Jul 07, 2016

Free Lives releases Fourth of July update for Broforce on July 7th

South African video game developer Free Lives and ultra-patriotic game label Devolver Digital have updated Broforce, the world’s premiere Freedom Simulator™, on PC, Mac, and Linux with new bros, features, and fixes that would please even the most stern founding father. The game is 60% off the standard price on Steam and GOG to celebrate this momentous occasion and to lure those gamers unsure of Broforce’s power to finally submit to its glory.

The latest update to Broforce includes three much-anticipated new bros including the legendary Bro Lee, the dominating Tank Bro, and the classic Dirty Brorry. Each new Broforce team member comes with their own unique gameplay style, attacks, and special moves to compliment the dozens of bro-ffensive maneuvers already in the game.

“Broforce has sold over a million copies but Free Lives aren’t a team to just rest on a huge pile of American dollars,” noted Free Lives founder Evan ‘Slippery Hips’ Greenwood. “We’ve listened to the fans and from the start they’ve demanded Bro Lee so our team delivered their one simple request in a little under two years.”

Broforce is available now on Steam, GOG, and Humble as well as PlayStation 4. Follow future updates to Broforce on Twitter @Free_Lives and @DevolverDigital and visit if you love websites about Broforce.