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Nov 23, 2015

Broforce receives first major post-release update, “Lightning Strikes Twice”

South African video game developer Free Lives and flag-waving label Devolver Digital have updated Broforce, the world’s premiere Freedom Simulator, with an obscene amount of free post-launch content – a glorious First Amendment to the main game’s treasured Constitution.

The latest update to Broforce includes two new lightning wielding bros of Lambertian origin, the immortal Brolander and thunder god Broden, each with their own attacks and special moves. All bros now have access to new tactical items like All-American Supply DropsT, alien pheromones to distract xenomorphs, and performance enhancing drugs for that extra little boost when the odds are against them. Expert Broforce players can also test their battle-hardened skills in the all-new Covert Ops levels for each bro, designed around each unique character and their special attacks.

“Though Broforce successfully launched more than a month ago, we’re contractually obligated to continually update the game until one of us dies or can no longer physically use a mouse and keyboard,” noted Free Lives founder Evan “Sex Hips” Greenwood. “Never work with Devolver Digital. This is a hell I wouldn’t wish on any developer.”

Broforce is available now on Steam and Humble and is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 early next year, which is going to be awesome. Follow future updates to Broforce on Twitter @Free_Lives and @DevolverDigital and visit if you love websites about Broforce.