Jun 12, 2014

E3 2014: FINAL FANTASY VII G-BIKE races to Mobile Devices


FINAL FANTASY VII G-BIKE, a thrilling high-speed action chase game from FINAL FANTASY® VII, is coming to the iPhone® and Android. The game merges high-speed bike chases with deep RPG elements such as character customization, development and item collection.

G-BIKE is one of the most beloved mini-games from the FINAL FANTASY series. First appearing inFINAL FANTASY VII, this mini-game was playable at a specific point in the main story or from the Gold Saucer amusement park. G-BIKE is now taking the spotlight, as a brand-new mobile game experience.

Key Features:

  • A motorcycle chase based action game, set in the world of FINAL FANTASY VII – Full 3D stages where players must evade obstacles and fight enemies at high speeds
  • Elements unique to FINAL FANTASY VII – Classic monsters and Cloud Strife’s fighting techniques, created with gorgeous graphics
  • Offers rich gameplay, including numerous missions and character development –Contains a wealth of familiar gameplay features including missions, epic boss battles, detailed weapon customization and item collection