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All purchases of Secret Ponchos before August 5th include an additional Steam key for a friend


Even the best gunslinger needs backup in a pinch. For a limited time, Switchblade Monkeys is rewarding every owner of Secret Ponchos – the new Wild West PvP shooter – with a free Steam code to give to a friend.

In the Secret Ponchos Double Down promotion, all purchases of Secret Ponchos prior to August 5 will receive an additional Steam code to unlock Early Access now and the full game at launch.

“It has only been five weeks since we launched on Early Access,” said Creative Director Yousuf Mapara, “but the community of players has been absolutely amazing. This our way of thanking everyone for supporting us as we continue to polish Secret Ponchos and add new features.”

Be sure to join the developers, Switchblade Monkeys, every Saturday on Twitch for live tournaments, community Q&As, reveals of new content, and more.

Now on Steam Early Access and coming to PS4 this fall, Secret Ponchos is an all-out PvP showdown in the American Wild West with four-player shootouts (soon eight-player), a customizable cast of outlaws, and a unique line-of-sight feature – dive behind cover and disappear from your enemy’s view for ambushes – perfect for recreating those dusty saloon gunfights.

You can purchase Secret Ponchos here: If you need further convincing, here’s our Preview of the game: