Aug 06, 2014

Castle in the Darkness is coming from Nicalis to Steam later this Summer


Hear ye, hear ye! In the tenebrous hours of yester-evening, a terrible tragedy befell our great kingdom. A sorcerer and his legions fell upon us, and against their indefatigable onslaught even our royal guard came to naught—save one!

Come summer in the year of our Lord two thousand and fourteen, this single survivor will arise to give succor to our blighted realm—and he has need of your steady hand!

Castle in the Darkness recalls a golden, bygone era—both through its nostalgic aesthetic, and its damning difficulty. Traipse past traps, careen through corridors, and badger belligerent bosses while charting the erstwhile un-chartable Alexandrian kingdom and girding your loins and other important organs with a veritable cornucopia of armor, arms, and sorcery. Alexandria is a kingdom of ancient and byzantine history, and much of what it was yet remains hidden, often behind more substantial ramparts than mere mists of time!

Harken, heroes! Still your breath and you will hear: The gates of Alexandria begin to grind, and behind them the susurrus of a hundred thousand monsters waiting for your steel. Surely you won’t begrudge them a taste of your blade, and thereby free our kingdom from its torment!

Ye Old Game Features

  • Art Direction by the lead artist behind The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
  • An expansive world heavily inspired by the golden era of video games
  • Level up your knight with wildly different abilities
  • An arsenal of over 100 weapons, armor and magic to collect and use!
  • Over 50 bosses to find and slay
  • More than 100 different enemies
  • Fast-paced chiptune soundtrack