Aug 20, 2014

A Rite from the Stars needs Kickstarting, Alpha Demo available

Kirm, a mute kid from the Makoa Tribe, must overcome a rite of passage in order to leave his childhood behind. In fact, he has been chosen by the stars to become a legend among his peers. So his rite will not be ordinary… and it will definitely not be easy. In order to complete his quest, he will have to master three paths…

…and a Final Trial.


  • Pointing and clicking
  • Three paths to complete in the order desired by the player
  • A unique mechanic for every path
  • Performance-based achievements
  • Different endings
  • More than two hours of original music

Not featuring

  • Pixel hunts
  • Pointless walks
  • Boring inventory management (also known as “Use the stick in everything until it works“)

If we reach our main funding goal, we will release the game for Wii UOuyaPC WindowsMac and Linux. We are also considering releasing it for tablets if we secure additional funds.

You can back the game at the tier of your choice, here: