Sep 02, 2014

Jameson: The Pilot is a game about being boundless in open space, not constricted by it


During this year’s PAX Prime at Seattle 11 bit launchpad, the publishing platform of 11 bit studios, creators of such games as This War of Mine and Anomaly series, has announced another game to be published by them: Jameson The Pilot. It is being developed by Rezoner, a mysterious one-man dev team responsible for every single aspect of the game.
Jameson The Pilot is a space sim in which the players can do almost anything they want. They can be explorers, miners, traders, pirates or even… space bus drivers! Countless possibilities and the extensive system of customizable ships, guilds and quests create huge universe full of potential.
This universe is rendered beautifully with pixel art graphics and 8-bit music, making every minute spent with the game a real pleasure. What really sets Jameson apart from other games though, is its attitude. This is a game about having fun, so don’t expect huge SAVE THE GALAXY quests. What does it have instead? Plenty of humor, pop culture references and rather cheesy jokes, that’s for sure. It’s a game that will allow players to relax and just fly through endless space.