Sep 03, 2014

Ancient Space now available to Pre-Order, New Trailer showing First Gameplay


Prepare for an interstellar mission to the outskirts of the universe as Ancient Space is now available for pre-order. The upcoming single-player real-time strategy (RTS) title from Paradox Interactive and CreativeForge Games will be released September 23, 2014 for PC and Mac.

Commanding a fleet to the outer reaches of deep space on a quest to discover what lies inside “The Black Zone,” Ancient Space will take players on an adventure that combines a compelling storyline with classic real-time strategy elements in a full 3D environment, challenging players to come up with strategies that utilize the x, y, and z axes as they progress through the campaign and upgrade their fleet of ships.

Launching into the unknown, players will need to keep their wits about them as they make strategic decisions, battle the odds and undertake deadly missions in the dark recesses of space. Players will be joined by a cast of character voiced by recognizable actors from popular science-fiction television shows including Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and more in this tale of strategic resource management and engrossing interstellar warfare.