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MAINGEAR rolls out the beastly 8-core 5960X Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors with DDR4 Memory


MAINGEAR  – award-winning custom gaming PC builder of custom desktops, laptops, and workstations  – today significantly expanded its custom PC options by adding the new Intel® X99 Express chipset, offering improved performance and unlocking significantly enhanced potential, across all MAINGEAR desktops.

MAINGEAR desktops featuring the all-new 8-core 5960X Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor will provide up to a 45 percent performance increase over previous 4 core processor systems. It is also the first unlocked desktop processor that supports up to 4 channel DDR4-2133 memory, giving more overclock options for gamers and professional users for flawless gameplay and dramatically reduces editing time for RAW photos and HD videos.


The MAINGEAR FORCE is the most powerful member of the high performance EPIC line, offering a liquid cooling solution with Intel’s new chipset. It allows gamers and gaming PC enthusiasts to maximize all game settings and run multiple applications, while keeping their system running incredibly cool and quiet. The new SUPERSTOCK cooling system includes premium cooling blocks for all components, new chrome fittings, unbreakable PETG hard tubing, and parallel cooling loops. Every aspect of the FORCES’s liquid cooling was engineered to offer the highest overclocks and look incredible. Its unique BiTurbo dual pump system maximizes performance and offers redundancy that gives the reassurance that if one pump does happen to fail, the other pump will continue to run. Its low maintenance massive reservoir and an easily accessible detachable drain design eliminates the hassle of a typical liquid cooled machine. With up to one 480mm and one 420mm premium high performance radiators and quiet high airflow fans, this gaming PC system will stay constantly cool.

The MAINGEAR FORCE comes with plenty of space for customization with room for up to 4 graphics cards from AMD or NVIDIA. With up to 6 HDDs (or 12 SSDs) with numerous SSD and mechanical drive options, and up to 64GB of memory, the FORCE with the new Intel X99 chipset is perfect for those looking for the best of the best with extreme performance and upgradability.

The updated MAINGEAR FORCE doesn’t just perform at top level while staying extremely cool and quiet, it is also the most visually stunning custom PC that MAINGEAR has ever offered. The new SUPERSTOCK cooling system offers a beautiful hand crafted hard tubing design, customized pastel coolant options, and an expertly wired interior. A custom automotive paint finish option rounds out gamer’s ability to truly customize their PC to their heart’s desire.

“MAINGEARs update to the FORCE and other desktops with the new 8-core Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors, drives home the point that you can have it all and achieve top notch liquid cooled performance without skipping a beat.” said Laura Crone, Intel Vice President and General Manager, PC Client Group. “Utilizing DDR4 memory combined with Intel’s 8-cores of processing power, MAINGEAR desktops offers these great options for gamers looking for an advantage over their competition.  Also, creative professionals looking for faster speed and reduced times to compile photos or video edits, will love MAINGEARs new Core i7 Extreme Edition systems.”

“The MAINGEAR FORCE featuring Intel’s new X99 chipset showcases what a true top performance contender should be,” said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR.  “With the unlocked Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition processor, the MAINGEAR FORCE will effortlessly handle anything that gets throw at it, with plenty of power left over to outperform any task at any level.”

MAINGEAR will offer this updated chipset across their desktop and gaming PC lineup. For more information, please visit