Sep 24, 2014

SNOW gets Oculus Rift DK2 Support in M4 Update


Swedish developer Poppermost has announced that the fourth milestone of their open-world skiing game, SNOW, is now available on Steam via Early Access. This is the biggest advancement in the game’s development yet, and will be the last update prior to the upcoming launch of the Closed Beta. Here is a summary of the new features:

  • Sound design: Every audio detail in the game, such as skis slashing through powder or the wind ruffling a skier’s jacket, is a sound effect captured at a real mountain.
  • “Physicalized” skis: The movement of skis is now much more realistic.
  • Grinding: Sliding on rails and other obstacles is now refined and much more fun.
  • Music: New original tracks from Swedish artist Adrian Bood. The tracks can be heard on their own here:
  • Improved Oculus VR support: Poppermost recommends using only Oculus DK2 dev kits, to get the optimal experience. The “How to Play SNOW” guide: has tips for setting up. Poppermost encourages anyone who needs help to email and they will respond immediately.
  • Flashlight: For skiing at night!

For a deeper dive into the details of the new features and fixes, check out Poppermost’s blog: