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GameLock looks to Change How Games are Traded


Innovative video game retailer GameLock Corp. today announced the official launch of GameLock.com, an Internet retailer that revolutionizes how video games are bought and resold. At the time of purchase, GameLock.com enables gamers to lock-in an optional-yet-guaranteed future resale price and date. With its patented LOCKIT ecommerce system, GameLock.com lowers the cost of gaming and eliminates the hassle, effort and uncertainty of reselling video games.

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Until now, reselling pre-owned games has been a painful process. Gamers wanting to maximize the resale price of their games had to resort to online auction sites or marketplaces. The time-consuming process of listing the game for sale and waiting for a buyer, along with the uncertainty of not knowing if and for how much the game would sell, discouraged many gamers from reselling. The only other option was to trade in the game for pennies on the dollar at major retailers.

“I knew there had to be a better way and that’s why I started GameLock.com,” said Founder and CEO, Andy Altschuler. “When gamers buy a game at GameLock.com, they can lock-in a guaranteed future resale. If they choose to exercise the resale option, they simply place the game into our prepaid envelope and drop it in the mailbox. Or if they choose not to resell, they can simply keep the game, just like with a traditional purchase.”

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GameLock.com currently offers a full catalog of new release video games for sale, with the ability to lock-in an optional-yet-guaranteed resale date of 30, 60 or 90 days. In the near future, GameLock.com will release additional innovative purchasing features.

To learn more about GameLock.com, please visit www.gamelock.com/how-it-works.

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