Nov 06, 2014

Knights of Pen and Paper update, “Haunted Fall” now in-game


Paradox Interactive today showed up, in costume, on gamers’ doorsteps with a Halloween-themed update for Knights of Pen & Paper for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android, with iOS to follow soon after. Paradox, while announcing this update with a perfectly straight face, insisted that every day of the year (not just Halloween) is a good time for ghosts, and reminded the world that there’s another pumpkin-related holiday right around the corner. Haunted Fall brings enough content to Knights of Pen & Paper to overload a festive candy bucket, including new monsters, items, areas, skills, and jokes.

New to the seasonally appropriate expansion, players can now adventure as the new Witch class, a supportive sorceress who can heal party members, weaken foes, and cackle with the best of them. The new adventure also introduces new dungeons, including a terrifying Corn Field Maze, and the Abandoned Dwarven Mall – where the prices are as low as the window display heights. The expansion also includes lots of new items, monsters, NPCs, and meta-gaming humor.

Knights of Pen & Paper is an RPG where players take on the role of players who are playing an RPG. A group of mundane in-game friends and relatives are transformed at the gaming table into a collection of RPG classes and clichés, while a snarky gamemaster narrates the adventure within their imaginations. Control both the players and the GM – design encounters for your party, and then slay the monsters for all the XP and loot your character sheets can hold.