Nov 12, 2014

Sneaky Sneaky sneaks a release on Steam, sneakily

Naiad Entertainment announced today that Sneaky Sneaky, the company’s debut title, is now available on Steam for PC and Mac. Sneaky Sneaky is a strategic stealth adventure with a unique turn-based encounter system.

After the heist of a lifetime, the loveable thief Sneaky is ambushed! Plot, shoot, stab, and loot your way across the land to reclaim Sneaky’s twice-stolen treasure. Sneaky Sneaky seamlessly blends real-time stealth and tactical turn-based gameplay elements. Move through the game’s world freely, but watch your step. Getting spotted or attacking an enemy will trigger a turn-based encounter. Fight or flee; there is no single solution to the challenges set before you. Players are free to experiment and develop their own play style.

Key Features

  • Unique real-time/turn-based hybrid – When things heat up, the game slows down, giving the player time to think strategically.
  • Monstrous Variety – Enemies don’t just get stronger — they get smarter. Fifteen distinct monster types will fly over obstacles, burrow in sand, destroy your cover and offer fresh challenges as you play.
  • Level Up! – Your sneakiness will be rewarded. Light RPG mechanics allow you to upgrade Sneaky’s attributes as the game progresses.
  • Powerful Items – Bow & Arrow, Monster Bait, Sleep Poison… Every item you discover allows you to play in a new way. Employ the tools of a thief to gain the upper hand.
  • Rich and playful 2D art style and an immersive ambient soundtrack.

Sneaky Sneaky is available NOW on Steam for $9.99. In celebration of its release, a week long Launch Sale of 10% off is generously provided by the friendly rodent shopkeep, Squeaky.