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WildStar has a Mission Statement for 2015 and news of next update, The Protogames Initiative


Carbine successfully launched in 2014, but that’s not all for them. They have big plans, and have made a blog post outlining their plans to make 2015 really great for WildStar.

The studio transitioned from a launch studio to a live studio and learned a lot along the way. Mike Donatelli, product director at Carbine Studios, has outlined what’s in store for WildStar in 2015 in the following blogpost:
Within the post, Donatelli highlights the team’s clear and fixed focus for the future

  1. We will encourage and listen carefully to your – the player’s – feedback and focus development on making WildStar a more fun, less grindy, game.
  2. We will make these updates with both present and future players in mind, to support a multitude of play styles, durations, group sizes and levels.
  3. We will invest in, enhance, and grow this game.

The first point is an invitation to you as well, as media and players. Please let us know if you have any feedback we can share with the studio or if we can help put you in touch with them directly. As outlined in the post, the changes that have been made over the last few months are a direct result of player feedback and in-game activity.

Furthermore, Donatelli provides information on WildStar’s next update, The Protogames Initiative.