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BioWare releasing Skyhold Tavern Songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition for free


BioWare is releasing 10 popular Skyhold tavern songs heard in the award-winning Dragon Age: Inquisition, which will be available to download for free for a limited time. As an added bonus, BioWare is releasing the sheet music for each track so fans can record their own renditions of these songs, and are encouraged to submit them to the Dragon Age Fan Celebration Contest! Free access of the content will be available until February 9th, 2015 where the songs will then be made available for sale on popular digital platforms.

Performed by singer/songwriter Elizaveta and written by film and television composer Raney Shockne (Anger Management, The Back-Up Plan) as well as Inon Zur (Dragon Age: Origins) who wrote “I Am The One”. The tavern songs have been an instant hit and in high demand among fans. Players have been serenaded by these songs while relaxing in Skyhold’s tavern in Dragon Age: Inquisition where bards perform these lovely songs to entertain travelers and to carry the tales of triumph and tragedy across the land.

For more information and to download the Dragon Age: Inquisition tavern songs and sheet music, please visit the official blog: