Lights Off doubles down with the Double Insomnia Promo


Against everyone’s better judgement, the hyperactive Insomnia promo returns to!

Half the sleep, twice the fun, and literally double the everything. The Double Insomnia promo will feature more games than ever, and two simultaneous pools of games: Seasoned classics and Fresh new titles. Starting on Monday, March 2, at 2:00 PM GMT, gamers worldwide can once again miss their sleep, important appointments, and all other miscellaneous obligations.

The rules are simple:

All sales are offered in limited quantities, and the number of copies remaining is labeled with a huge counter. Only one game from either pool of games can be on sale at one time. But once a game sells out, another will immediately take its place so that two are always available. If you missed your chance, fear not but keep your eyes open! Your favorite game will probably be back. Insomnia mercilessly goes on, day and night, until every single unit is gone like a carousel of deals. You might even have a chance to get a free game, if you’re lucky that is.

The promo will feature 150+ great games, all up to 90% off, including the highest discounts ever available on big names like Wasteland 2, Legend of Grimrock 2, Star Wars™: X-Wing, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter . As usual, gamers can also expect Insomnia-low prices on countless classics including Jade Empire, Unreal Gold, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

It’s dangerous to go alone! is also organising a constant 96-hour broadcast on, where community streamers and staff will be playing games day and night. Best. Sleepover. Ever.