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GOG selling limited quantities of games during Fall Insomnia Sale

To celebrate the diversity of its worldwide audience has launched a trans time-zone deal: a Fall Insomnia Promowhere gamers from all continents will get a chance to buy celebrated games at up to 80% off discounts—and free games in very limited numbers as well. Starting on Wednesday the 13th of November at 2:00 GMT and running until is out of games, this promo has deals that are worth staying up for. The games will be on sale only one at a time in limited numbers of copies. When the stock of one game—marked on the promo page with a counter—runs out, another game is up. 

Titles that will be available at some time during the Fall Insomnia Promo will include the new and old PC and Mac favorites like the sci-fi horror RPG System Shock 2, award-winning 2D/3D puzzle-platformer Fez, and gore-soaked shooterHotline Miami. Gamers should watch out for deals on such gems as colorful, challenging platformer Rayman Origins, the cult-classicBaldur’s Gate saga, or the unforgettable sci-fi turn-based strategy game Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. With critically acclaimed games from practically every genre’s Fall Insomnia Promo is an affair worth following even late at night. With additional free game giveaways sprinkled into the mix, the Fall Insomnia Promo promises to have gamers excited during the long fall evenings.