Crying Suns Review

Sep 19, 2019

From Alt Shift and Humble Bundle comes Crying Suns, a tactical roguelike with a focus on story you’ll be dying to see more of. You can pay compliments to how good the game looks, but the gameplay is the real star of the show. There’s a lot of systems in play here that aren’t apparent initially. This is a game that offers a lot of depth and replayability amidst the story it slowly reveals to the player. Crying Suns is successful in accomplishing all it sets out to do as a roguelike with an entrenched story.

Void Bastards Review

May 28, 2019

Void Bastards came out of nowhere with its announcement back in November, and it looked very promising. The final version has not been a disappointment in the slightest. Void Bastards is FTL meets System Shock while brimming with personality, dark humor, and a devilish charm by being equal parts entertaining and challenging throughout your journey. The gameplay is structured with a focus on the campaign that doesn’t feel like much of a roguelike, though it very much is one. Void Bastards is one of the best roguelikes around, and the most fun game I’ve played all year.

Macally XKEYLED Backlit Full Size USB Mac Keyboard Review

Sep 21, 2018

In a category with a nearly infinite number of options available, finding the right productivity-focused keyboard can be difficult. Of course, the more specific your needs, the easier time you’ll have narrowing down your choices. If you happen to be on the hunt for a Mac-specific keyboard, scope of your decision-making instantly shrinks to a much more manageable size, and you can sometimes have the opposite problem of not having enough distinct choices to consider. Enter the Macally XKEYLED, a keyboard specifically designed for use with macOS, sporting a sleek design and an impressive feature set over many competing keyboards, and at a respectable price.

Basemark GPU V1.0 Review

Jun 27, 2018

Basemark GPU is the new kid on the block for benchmarking tools. Basemark calls this the ‘graphics performance evaluation tool’, which already sets itself apart from other benchmarks. Basemark has worked over the past several years to deliver a tool that can test everything from mobile to tablet to desktop without having to use multiple programs to do it. There’s consistent visual fidelity across PC and mobile, making Basemark GPU a powerhouse of an engine for serious testers.

Tower 57 Review

Nov 13, 2017

Tower 57 takes the approach of bringing retro, from the look to the gameplay into the modern day. The game was a success on Kickstarter, but when it couldn’t reach the stretch goals make it onto consoles, 11 bit studios stepped in to make this a reality. Tower 57 is inspired by Amiga games of the past like The Chaos Engine, and Tower 57 is a roguelike that provides destruction, humor, and diesel-punk in some interesting ways – it just doesn’t seem to come together like it should.