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WildStar’s INVASION: Nexus update shown off in New Screenshots


One of the best things about WildStar is that players have a wealth of customization options available to them. Now, those customization options are about to be expanded in ways you’ve never seen –  the new INVASION: Nexus update (currently available on WildStar’s Player Test Realm) brings some big additions that will give players new ways to make their characters unique.

Companion Pets

In INVASION: Nexus, WildStar is bringing in 54 companion pets for players to collect. Pets can be obtained in a variety of ways, including as drops in shiphands and dungeons.

Holo-Wardrobe System

WildStar will also be introducing the new Holo-Wardrobe system, an upgraded version of the costume system. Players will no longer need to visit the Stylist in order to modify their costumes or have to store physical items in costume slots. Players will also get the ability to save item appearances to an account-wide list of available appearances.

To learn more about the customization updates coming to INVASION: Nexus, please find the link to Joe Piepiora’s “Customization: The Deep Dive” blog post below.

Customization: The Deep Dive