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Apr 09, 2015

Pyrodactyl Games shows you how to be a former Luchador in Will Fight for Food

It’s time for a new training, er, gameplay video of Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour, the hilarious beat ‘em up/RPG coming later this month. Use your smarts to talk your way out of trouble, or thrown on your mask and deliver a beatdown, either way, there are pros and cons.

Go the problem-solving by smooth-talking route, and….

  • You have to solve the problems of complete strangers, even if they likely won’t appreciate your brand of “help”
  • You must navigate complex webs of social interactions while on the lookout for potential romantic NPCs
  • You must dance to the whims of quest-givers so they can shower you with XP, so you can then move to another area and dance for a different set of….you get the idea.

But, the route of beat ‘em up protagonist is also not easy:

  • People do not take kindly to being punched
  • People hit back

How is a simple luchador expected to survive in these fraught, modern times?

To hone your problem solving skills, why not play Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour – a game where you’re a luchador, wanderer and monk, and if you complete enough quests, you too can become the mayor of a down-and-out Middle American town!

Coming to Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on April 22.