Apr 22, 2015

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies – A Documentary on Indie explosion, is Out Now

Released today through Steam and, feature-length documentary GameLoading: Rise of the Indies explores the spirited global community of independent (‘indie’) game creators that has exploded in the last few years.

In the spirit of movements like the French New Wave, Punk and Grunge, hundreds of independent game auteurs are emerging with their own unique voices and artistic visions. Independent games include a breadth of cultural issues-morality, gender identity, narrative choice, family and humor- that are broadening the types of experience a game can offer. GameLoading captures this unique moment in time as independent games development blew up from an underground scene into a powerful and disruptive force.

Australian filmmakers Lester and Anna spent three years travelling to 10 countries, couchsurfing and filming leading players within the indie game scene. The resulting documentary, GameLoading, gives an intimate and honest portrait of a diverse group of game makers as they seek to create new experiences and find a place within this evolving art form.

Producer Lester Francois described capturing this moment in the independent games movement as “catching lightning in a bottle”, explaining that “…The film is not a retrospective like most documentaries about subcultures – it’s a snapshot of what is happening now”. ┬áMark Serrels, Editor of Kotaku Australia urged viewers “…you are going to want to see this film.”

Notable industry leaders and developers interviewed include John Romero (Doom, Quake), Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable), Rami Ismail (studio Vlambeer) and Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest).

International documentary GameLoading is localised in 12 languages and will be digitally distributed via Steam, iTunes, Xbox Video, Playstation Network, The Humble Store, VHX and Playism in addition to global screening events. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is available for purchase online now at Please visit here for current information on upcoming screening dates and locations. Further information about arranging a screening in your area can be found here. A limited collection of DVD and Blu-ray copies will be available for sale at from May 2015.