May 13, 2015

Rocket League starting Second Beta on May 13th

Following the success of its first closed Beta featuring more than a hundred thousand games played, half a million goals scored, and nearly 1 million miles driven, globally-renowned independent developer and publisher, Psyonix, announced today a second round of Beta sign-ups for the fast-paced sports-action game, Rocket League, on PlayStation 4. Psyonix will release another batch of limited multiplayer Beta vouchers for consumers in both Europe and North America on a first-come, first-serve basis (Beta keys from the first test will still be accepted; no need to sign up for a new key).

Sign up for the Rocket League Beta HERE:

The second Beta will continue to focus on polishing the game’s proprietary matchmaking and server performance, but adds in Tutorial and Training modes, the aptly named 4v4 “Chaos mode,” and two new arenas (Mannfield) and Beckwith Park (the Training mode arena). The new Beta starts Wednesday, May 13, in both North America and Europe, and will run 24 hours a day. The Beta will end at 10 pm Pacific Time, Tuesday, May 19.

Rocket League, the sequel to the international hit, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, expands on its successful pedigree with improved graphics and physics systems, a robust new season mode, considerable customization options, and a fully-charged multiplayer game geared for a next-generation action-sports experience. Rocket League is due to hit PlayStation®4 and PC this summer.

The second Beta features Tutorial and Training modes, 4v4 “Chaos mode,” and two new arenas.

Rocket League Key Features Include:

  • New Season Mode: In the final version, players can enjoy an offline single-player or multiplayer experience with Season mode, bolstered by extensive vehicle customizations, unlockable items, multiple arenas, and more.
  • Fully Upgraded Online, Local and Splitscreen Multiplayer Modes: Fans of the original will love the returning options for two- to four-player competition, from on-the-couch splitscreen competition to the robust online play.
  • Team-focused Gameplay: Rocket League’s team-oriented play compels gamers to learn short- and long-term tactics and strategies to stay in the game, challenge their friends, and stay atop the monthly leaderboards.
  • Physics-driven Vehicle Interactions: Built with rocket-equipped vehicles capable of aerial attacks, passes and shots, and physics-driven ball action, Rocket League is a wild, visceral action-sports experience.
  • Content Overload: Rocket League builds upon its predecessor with a healthy array of completely new unlockable vehicles, arenas, more than 150 customization items, and other surprises.
  • Dedicated Gameplay Servers: Super-smooth online gameplay guarantees an even better Rocket-Powered Battle-Car experience.
  • Broadcast-Quality Replays: Gamers can play with, stylize, and create the ultimate replay of entire games with the new replay system. Fast forward, rewind, or view the action from anywhere in the arena!
  • Like the 2008 PlayStation®3 original, Rocket League is a futuristic sports-action game where players pilot rocket-powered vehicles in an enhanced version of soccer by driving their vehicles into the ball and other players in a variety of arenas. Rocket League uses an advanced physics system to simulate realistic interactions between cars and the ball, where mass and momentum determine how hard balls and cars hit each other, creating a unique and visceral playing experience.