Jun 10, 2015

The Red Solstice finally shows off Single-player Campaign in New Trailer

Ironward and Nkidu are excited to announce that The Red Solstice will emerge from Steam Early Access into full release on July 9. The scope of this highly tactical, squad-based survival game set on a near-future Mars is also set to expand significantly, as we announce for the first time that it will launch with an extensive single-player campaign, in addition to its adrenaline-pumping 8-player cooperative multiplayer mode.

We liken The Red Solstice’s single-player mode to XCOM or Baldur’s Gate, as you command a squad in tactical combat against hordes of oncoming alien foes. It’s part horror, part strategy, all heart-pounding action.

You can still get it on Steam Early Access at a great price:

Find out more at, and keep an eye out for many more updates between now and July 9.