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The Red Solstice adds Female Marines and New Map in 1.78 Update


The Red Solstice, the 8-player, tactical co-op survival game on Mars that is developed by Croatian devs Ironward and published by Nkidu Games, has just received its first big content update in the form of version 1.78. It follows a string of updates since the game’s Early Access launch on July 10, which have improved stability, added private game lobbies and fixed a bunch of little issues that players have uncovered.


What’s in 1.78?
The 1.78 update is focused on content, adding a brand new map, as well as the ability to play as female marines. More info below, or hit the Steam announcement page for full details.

Science Sector Map Adds 100% More Gameplay
The Red Solstice previously featured a single map – the Central Sector – which, of course, already offered nearly infinite replay value due to the game’s 8-player co-op nature and random encounters and events. The addition of the second map, the Science Sector, basically doubles the amount of gameplay available. It features narrower corridors and bigger buildings, requiring a different approach and offering a lot more places to have your face eaten by aliens.

Female Marines Now Playable
Yes, it’s arguable that female player models should have been available at launch, but hopefully we can be forgiven for getting them in two weeks after the Early Access release. Now players can select female player models before they jump into games. Needless to say, the aliens who want to devour your insides don’t really care about your gender.