Solstice Chronicles: MIA Review

Jul 26, 2017

Ironward’s first game, The Red Solstice released in 2015 and was a tactical, co-op survival game like the Night of the Dead mod for StarCraft 2. The follow-up, Solstice Chronicles: MIA strays from that, and is a twin-stick shooter that maintains its tactical edge from The Red Solstice. Solstice Chronicles: MIA is unfortunately a game that seems incomplete. While the graphics are impressive and the controls feel good, the story is written in way that doesn’t maintain immersion or cohesion, and the content of the gameplay feels hollow and lifeless, much like the “Red Planet” 140 million miles away from us.

The Red Solstice update, “Pitch Black” does not include Vin Diesel, but adds New Map, Missions, and Skills

Dec 18, 2014

The Red Solstice devs at Ironward continue to polish the experience and add new content on a regular basis. Today — in addition to offering 50% off on Steam.

The Red Solstice explores the Horrors of Mars in New Update

Oct 29, 2014


The Red Solstice adds Female Marines and New Map in 1.78 Update

Jul 25, 2014

The Red Solstice, the 8-player, tactical co-op survival game on Mars that is developed by Croatian devs Ironward and published by Nkidu Games, has just received its first big content update in the form of version 1.78. It follows a string of updates since the game’s Early Access launch on July 10, which have improved stability, added private game lobbies and fixed a bunch of little issues that players have uncovered.

The Red Solstice pricing error on Steam makes for a great 2-for-1 deal

Jul 13, 2014

Due to some sort of mishap when the game hit Steam, The Red Solstice entered Steam Early Access with a fantastic deal, the ability to purchase a two-pack of the game at the cost of only one copy. After today, this “deal” will expire.