Sep 22, 2015

The Red Solstice goes to the Point of No Return in New Update

Ironward continues to add new, free content to The Red Solstice [Steam link], its tense, tactical, alien-slaying action game set on near-future Mars. With the Point of No Return update, TRS gets the brand new Point Capture mode, a direct response to player feedback that suggested fans wanted a shorter, more intense game mode. Team up with up to eight players to seize control of increasingly difficult capture points, and try to survive as you’re faced with a growing onslaught of alien foes. Succeed and gain powerful buffs, new supplies and more reinforcements. Fail and… well… die.

The Point of No Return update is free to all owners of The Red Solstice on Steam. If you’re not already one of those people, it’s never been easier to jump into the game: we’ve permanently dropped the price of the game to $19.99, while it’s also on sale — just for today, as the Steam Daily Deal — at a whopping 50% off (or $9.99), the best deal we’ve offered so far.

In addition to the new game mode, this update also brings Medals — 24 achievements that help you to enhance your character for greater customization, which you’ll earn by using different and sometimes unusual tactics within the game.

Multiplayer bots have also been added to help smaller parties get the most out of the game’s much-loved co-op play. If you have fewer than three players on a squad, you can add multiplayer bots to give yourself a better chance of survival at higher difficulty levels, while you’re also able to swap your character between available bots on the fly.

Lastly, Ironward has released an official soundtrack for The Red Solstice, which includes a collection of 18 exhilarating tracks composed by Bianca Ban. Listen to the theme track here on Soundcloud. The full soundtrack costs $3.99 on Steam.