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Jun 17, 2015

ORIGIN PC EON-17X E3 2015 Preview


Everything from ORIGIN PC is hand-built with love, care, and attention. Their passion when discussing their product is genuine. ORIGIN PC’s computers are a thing of beauty. If there was a word for the ORIGIN PC EON-17X, it would be: heavenly.

The EON-17X is lightweight for what it’s doing, coming in at 7.5lbs. They are running on Z97 chipsets with i7s, with NVIDIA GTX 980M video cards with 8GB of video memory. Given that, these are not designed for being an actual “laptop”, as in one that goes on your lap – as it’ll get too hot.

The big feature of the EON-17X is that it is using NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. It communicates between the monitor and the GPU to eliminate video lag and screen tearing completely. And sure, you can see videos of it, but seeing it in motion with your own eyes is mind-blowing. And for someone that isn’t running G-Sync currently, will be hard to return to.

The keyboard is an RGB backlit keyboard, with three lighting zones that can be customized to whatever you need, for that level of personalization.

For those looking for something with the ultimate portability, consider this your Steam machine. It can be used at a stationary location, and then moved to a TV for large-screen gaming.

There’s other options with ORIGIN PC, a HTPC, the 13-inch or 15-inch versions of the EON, or something different. ORIGIN PC has you covered with 24/7 support that’s based in the United States, and it’s all shipped in wooden crates, which are an event all in it of itself. ORIGIN PC is a heavy investment, but it is one worth investing in.