Jul 02, 2015

Revolution Under Siege Gold Edition is Now Available

Originally released in 2010, Revolution Under Siege managed to surprise the wargaming sphere with a very original setting: the Russian Civil War. Fans of the period and specialist press alike (95% on Armchair General, Gamer’s Hall Game of the Year Award 2010) praised the flexibility of the AGE engine and its capacity to accurately depict the fighting between the Red and the White armies.

Today developer SEP REDS invites the partisans to once again take up their weapons and return to the frontline! With the official release of the Gold Edition, players will have the chance to influence the historical events more than ever and become the ultimate leader that Russia was awaiting. A host of changes under the hood make the game deeper and more intuitive for an overhauled wargaming experience.

This new edition introduces:

  • Dozens of new historical events and semi-historical ones to give an improved flavor to your games
  • A myriad of new options and game mechanisms to immerse you even more in the Russian Civil War
  • A wealth of new political options, historical or alternate historical according to the player’s choices, which impact on resources, popularity and diplomacy involving various playable factions.
  • A Chronology of all the Events and Options of the game, so that players can prepare for the strategic choices they will have to make.
  • New updated manuals in English, French and Russian with details, rules and design analysis
  • A new updated Strategic map useful for your AAR and PBEM.
  • Dozens of bug fixes and game balance additions, as well as hundreds of minor improvements based on the last 4 years of players experience and feedback.