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GOG Galaxy updates to v1.1, allows you to rollback patches


GOG Galaxy, the DRM-free online gaming platform, has already been tested by countless gamers, including the majority of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt players on PC. The fully optional gaming client is designed to install, play and update games, as well as offer multiplayer, achievements, chat, game-time tracking and more.

Update 1.1 to the GOG Galaxy beta brings new improvements and launches the anticipated “rollback” feature – allowing gamers to restore their game to prior states with just a single click. Game updates are now not only optional, but also reversible.

“We know that patches can occasionally break a game or affect your mods” explains Piotr Karwowski, VP of Online Tech at “With the newest update to GOG Galaxy, we’re giving our users more control over their games and patches, but also addressing many of the top requests from our community.”

The weeks following the Galaxy-powered release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt were a chance for the team to collect feedback and to work on perfecting the Client. The GOG Galaxy Update 1.1 includes much-requested improvements to the friend system (making it easier to find and invite friends), download pausing & resuming functionality, extended pre-installation options with more ways for users to configure games to their needs, and an improved app UI and navigation. The entire client will now be more resource-friendly while also becoming faster.

GOG Galaxy Update 1.1 is available today for all users enrolled to receive preview updates, but will also be rolling out very soon to the entire userbase. Those eager to test out the announced improvements today  can simply navigate to their GOG Galaxy settings screen and select the option to “Receive preview updates”.

To download GOG Galaxy or see what’s new and improved in Update 1.1, visit