GOG Galaxy, the optional game client for GOG is leaving the beta for a full release

Mar 22, 2017

GOG Galaxy, the gamer-friendly client, is coming out of beta with a major new update. Designed for convenient purchasing, playing and updating games, as well as online play between gaming platforms, GOG Galaxy is also built with optionality in mind, and a belief that you should own the games you buy.

GOG is having it’s Big Winter Sale already, time to get good old (and new) games cheap

Dec 02, 2015

Winter came to GOG.com before it was cool. The Big Winter Sale has begun, featuring 500+ deals up to 90% off, $3 mystery games (each worth up to $34.99), and free games just for shopping.

Stardock joins GOG by bringing old and new games to the DRM-free distributor

Nov 20, 2015

GOG.com, the DRM-free gaming platform, and award-winning space-strategy developers, Stardock, announce a long-term cooperation to bring the Stardock catalog of best, upcoming, and unannounced releases aboard the GOG.com freighter.

GOG Galaxy updates to v1.1, allows you to rollback patches

Aug 25, 2015


GOG Galaxy, the DRM-free online gaming platform, has already been tested by countless gamers, including the majority of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt players on PC. The fully optional gaming client is designed to install, play and update games, as well as offer multiplayer, achievements, chat, game-time tracking and more.

GOG Galaxy now in Open Beta

May 05, 2015

For the past few months, GOG Galaxy – the DRM-free online gaming platform – has been in the closed alpha stages of testing with the help of thousands of gamers. Today, it’s ready to expand into an open beta test.

Aliens vs Predator 2000 is FREE on GOG Galaxy for 48 hours

Oct 15, 2014

Independent UK developer Rebellion today announced that seminal first person shooter Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 is FREE to download on GOG.com for 48 hours. Any players who redeem the offer in the time period will be able to keep the game forever.